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Real Estate Media
For Agents in the South Puget Sound

About Lupine Real Estate Media

I'm Bethany Bjorklund, the owner of Lupine Real Estate Media, a full-service real estate media company. From listing photos and video services to brand development, my team strives to provide real value to our clients through sincere relationships and high-quality media. We know how hard you've worked to build your brand and we always make sure to compliment that fact.


Besides being a beautiful flower, displays of which can be found all over the PNW, the lupine flower is known for being the first to propagate newly disturbed soil. Not only are they a first mover into barren areas but they then transform the soil making it possible for other plants to grow there as well. I want my company to act with boldness in breaking ground in undeveloped areas but more importantly to create space for others to flourish alongside me.

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Why lupine?

Agent Focused

Always Show
Up On Time

Customer Service

And Friendly

Straight- Forward Pricing

Satisfied Customers

"...went above and beyond to make sure I had all photos I needed."


Jessica Vianez || Realtor

"It was great to work with someone who has a sense of humor and I would absolutely love to work with her again!"

Rebecca VanTassell || Realtor

"...professional, responsive, friendly and so talented!"

Amanda Sampson || Realtor

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Service Areas:

South Puget Sound and surrounding areas.

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